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Masonry Layout gives a user the ability to have 1 column, 2 columns or 3 columns Pinterest style cards layout. These cards can be made to drag and drop enabled OR they can have a predefined layout which consists of an image, description and a button element. If cards have different heights then no problem, they will be automatically adjusted to give Pinterest style masonry layout.

In smaller screens, these columns are automatically converted to 1 column thus giving 100% responsive layout.

Please Note: For 3 columns layout the minimum number of cards should be 6. The number of cards can be changed from the settings panel of the app.

This price of the application is one-time for the unlimited use of the application in one Weebly website.

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12 Replies to “Masonry Layout Weebly App”

    1. Yes, its possible. If you don’t want to display text and button then don’t edit it and they will not show in published website.

        1. Yes, the images can be made clickable. Inside Weebly editor click on the image and then use settings property ‘Link’ to add link.

          1. and is it possible to use the application to create a photo gallery? a portfolio where you can click on the images to see them enlarged?

      1. hello Junaid Hassan,

        I don ‘t understand that perfectly. The text area and the button are there. I cannot delete them i think.
        When i publish my site they come on the page…??
        How to get rid of text and button?
        And is it possible in first instance NOT to have them by default?

        1. There’s no such restriction. You have two options, either you can use the default option which will have image, description, and button as default layout. Or the other option is to enable drag and drop feature which means that any Weebly element can be dragged and dropped in cards.

          1. Hi Junaid,

            you said : “Or the other option is to enable drag and drop feature which means that any Weebly element can be dragged and dropped in cards.”
            How you suggest i should build a photo gallery then?
            Should i drag for each image an image placeholder and put there the image in?

          2. Yes, that’s right. You will have to drag and drop image elements over each card to add images.

  1. Hi Junaid,

    Something else.. I made my site with the masonry grid and when online on my site, i see the small picture does NOT redirect to a larger image. Instead i can link to a file . But that’s rather a lot of work i think…What to do in this case.?

    1. I’m not able to understand the issue. Can you please elaborate and share with me the link to your website pointing the issue?

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