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Masonry Layout gives user the ability to have 1 column, 2 columns or 3 columns Pinterest style cards layout. These cards consists of an image, description and a button element. If cards have different heights then no problem, they will be automatically adjusted to give Pinterest style masonry layout.

In smaller screens these columns are automatically converted to 1 column thus giving 100% responsive layout.

Please Note:

For 3 columns layout minimum number of cards should be 6. Number of cards can be changed from settings panel of the app.

4 Replies to “Masonry Layout Weebly App”

    1. Yes, its possible. If you don’t want to display text and button then don’t edit it and they will not show in published website.

        1. Yes, the images can be made clickable. Inside Weebly editor click on the image and then use settings property ‘Link’ to add link.

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