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Auto Popup Weebly App

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Auto Popup Weebly app can be used to display important information to the website visitors. Popup’s are drag and drop enabled and can be used to encourage website visitors to engage with your business effectively in many scenarios. Some possible use cases are listed below.

  1. Show featured ad
  2. Show important announcements
  3. Display featured product
  4. Grow email list
  5. Show contact form
  6. Increase social media following

Customization Settings/Attributes

Auto Popup Weebly app is very easy to use and provide many attributes for customization using settings panel of the app. Details of the settings/attributes are mentioned below.

  1. Waite Duration: If you want to show the popup after some time, then that time (in seconds) can be defined using this option in the settings panel.
  2. Display popup at every page visit? : If this option is enabled then the popup will be displayed at every page visit. But sometimes it’s annoying for the website users. In that case, you can disable this option and define Repeat Duration (in minutes) in the settings panel. Now the popup will be displayed to the visitors only once during that Repeat Duration.
  3. Repeat Duration (in minutes): As stated above if you want to display the popup only once in some duration then that duration can be defined using this option. For example, if you want to display the popup only once every 1 hour (60 minutes). Then in Repeat Duration settings, you will enter 60.
  4. Auto Close Popup? : If this option is enabled then the popup will be automatically closed after some defined duration known as Auto Close Duration (in seconds). This time duration can be defined in the settings panel.
  5. Auto Close Duration (in seconds): As stated above if you want to automatically close the popup after some defined duration then you can define that duration (in seconds) using this option.
  6. Popup Design Settings: By using the settings panel you can change the design (Popup background opacity, content background color, border color, width, top margin etc.) of the popup area.
  7. Popup Close Button Settings: Similarly the design (button background color, padding, text color, border radius etc.) of popup close button can be changed using the settings panel of the app.

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The application price is one-time for unlimited use of the application in one Weebly website.

2 Replies to “Auto Popup Weebly App”

  1. Do the users have the option to opt-out if they do not want to leave their email? Also, can we add a cell phone number to the opt-in? Asking if the user wants text or sms messages? Please advise

    1. The app only provides the outer structure for the Popup functionality inside the Weebly website. The inner content of the popup can be edited by the user as per their requirements. As inner content, you may use Weebly forms or any other custom codes as well.

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