Noise Cancellation Matlab Code Using Adaptive Filter


Noise Cancellation Matlab Code is a signal and systems project which removes the noise from audio signal using adaptive filter.


Noise Cancellation Matlab Code is a signals and systems project and is used to remove noise from audio signals using adaptive filter. Your downloaded zip file includes Noise.m file, Noise.asv file, Noise.fig file, project proposal (PDF file) and also a project.pptx file.

Noise Cancellation Matlab Code Developed By:

Muhammad Tipu
Muhammad Asif Bashir

Noise Cancellation Matlab Code – Project Explanation:

What is Noise?

In signal processing, noise is a general term used for unwanted modifications that a signal may suffer during capture, storage, transmission, processing, or conversion. Sometimes the word noise is also used to mean signals that are random and carry no useful information; even if they are not interfering with other signals or may have been introduced intentionally, as comfort noise. Noise is any disturbance that interferes with data transmission and corrupts the quality of the signal.

What is Adaptive Filter?

A filter which self adjusts its transfer function is called adaptive filter. Most adaptive filters are Digital Filters. Mostly the adaptive filters are used for reducing the noise content from the sound. Frequency content of sound is our input data and the noise must be in background. The error signals are used as feedback in the form of signals in adaptive filter which is used to refine the transfer function to match changing parameters.

Steps for Noise Cancellation:

  1. Record noise signal functiona is used to record the noise signal
  2. Record audio signal function is used to record the audio signal
  3. Add signals function is used to add both the audio signal and noise signal
  4. Filter Signals is used to filter both signals
  5. Audio Signal Plot
  6. Noise Signal Plot
  7. Mixed Signal Plot
  8. Filtered Signal Plot
  9. Noise Canceller Plot
  10. Play signal
  11. Play noise
  12. Mixed Signal (Play Function)
  13. Filtered Signal (Play Function)

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