How to define variables in c programming

In our previous post we discussed about how to get values from user. Sometimes we need to define variables and assign values to those variables. This simple program explains how to define variables and how to assign values to the variables in c programming.
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void){
   // defining variables, computing their sum and printing sum on the screen

   int number1; //defined variable named as number1 with data type integer
   int number2; // defined variable named as number2 with data type integer
   int sum; // defined variable named as sum with data type integer

   number1 = 5; // assigned value to variable named as number1
   number2 = 20; // assigned value to variable named as number2
   sum = number1 + number2; // assigned value to variable named as sum

   printf("Sum = %d", sum); // printing the value stored in variable named as sum. %d will hold the value of variable named as sum.
   //Furthermore %d tells the compiler that the value of variable sum should be of the data type decimal integer

   return 0;



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