Tailor Management Program – C Project

Group Members:

  • Names                                Roll Numbers
  • Basir Uddin                              F17-SE-50
  • Shoaib Suliman                        F17-SE-36
  • Umair Khan                             F17-Se-12
  • Hassan Raza Tahir                 F17-SE-48
  • Raja Shahzeb                          F17-SE-8
  • Sheraz Fiaz                             F17-SE-28

Details About the Project:

  • This Program  is basically designed to assist tailor in remembering customers data
  • Tailors can easily store and gain access to any of his past or fresh customer’s cloths size details , by just one click or by searching his name, serial number or mobile number in the search area
  • Tailors will have complete control over this program

Basic features:

  • This Program require pass key to gain access to its whole functions.
  • New customers can easily be added.
  • Program will assign a unique serial number to each customer.
  • Serial number will help in pointing out the desired customer from a diverse list.
  • Details about any customer are editable and can be modified with time .
  • Program can display list of all registered customers at a time.
  • Program also contain order module , which helps tailors  to store data of orders made by different customers. Order section is also editable, in case when customers show desire to change their order details.

Program Functions: 

  • It contain Main Functions, from where, the whole program  can be controlled.
  • It contain menu Function, from where we can co-ordinate or call other functions.
  • It contain registration function for adding new customers.
  • It contain search function , where we can search existing customers .
  • It contain list function, which list all registered  customers.
  • It also contain modify function , which allows  us to modify customer details.
  • It contain order function , where customers can put order.
  • It contain order modify function.
  • It contain order list function in order to display orders list.

Functions and Standard Libraries used in this program

Libraries :

  • stdio.h
  • stdlib.h
  • sting.h

Functions :

  • printf(“”);
  • scanf(“”);
  • system(“cls”);
  • strcmp( , );//comparing to string.
  • if ,else.
  • switch();
  • poninter
  • FILE
  • fopen(” “,” “)
  • fclose();

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